Technology ecoSYSTEMS

In creating “technology ecosystems”, the process is similar; we integrate disparate systems so when the ancillary systems are connected they complement a “core solution” and expand its functionality and allow new and even unanticipated uses.

When properly done, it is difficult to identify the “core solution” because the once disparate systems now are interdependent and act as a seamless solution, exchanging real time data and calling upon other applications to execute processes.

ScreenHunter_2367 Oct. 13 16.33In the future successfully technology ecosystems will be developed around industry accepted open standards and offer the customer a wide variety of hardware and software integration opportunities.

Open design will also reduce innovation time from what was once measured in years, to weeks and months. This agile development and rapid delivery will place ever increasing importance on project management and vendor selection.

The best way to meet ever increasing demands of regulators and clients and to expand new business opportunities is for senior management to build cultural of supporting corporate “technology ecosystems”.