Be successful; Fail often….

 Learning to Fail Quickly and Effectively!


Mastering the art of Failure

Unlike the “trophy culture” of today where participation is rewarded, the real world is all about results….not participation. And forwhatever reason failure has a negative connotation in our society, hence the “trophy culture”.

In today’s complex world, failure is not only inevitable, it’s also greatly undervalued. And there is an art to failing and its called “Failing Fast”. 

The premise is simple; once a single component of the project falls outside the acceptable range, it is acknowledged as failure. The next step is to triage the situation, and to find alternative solutions.

Failing Fast allows teams to get projects back on track with minimal delay and cost overruns. Often lessons learned in the failure of one element of a project will benefit another.

Be successful; Fail often … but Fail fast.



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