software user adoption

Improving User Adoption / Change Management

Successful deployment involves the process of creating effective organizational communications and training strategies that improve awareness of workforce initiatives; that motivate behavioral change, and encourage employee adoption of new processes and technology.User Adoption

You must engage every level of your workforce and ensure a successful rollout of new workforce-facing technology through the following components:

1. Internal Marketing and Communications: Educate, motivate, and inspire the workforce to adopt a new solution.

2. Comprehensive Change Management: Motivate behavioral change across the entire workforce population to gain buy-in and support at every level of the organization. 

3. Training Plan: Develop a strategy for end-user system training as well as soft skills training on topics like goal setting and creating effective development plans. 

An effective internal marketing and communications strategy can help maximize technology investments. It is imperative that you consider what to communicate, how to communicate, and via what communication channels. 
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Motivating behavioral change is accomplished through the engagement of the entire organization. By encouraging and supporting the change with clear and open communication, incentives to modify behavior, and executive support an organization can adjust the behavior of managers and employees in order to achieve the goal of the new solutions. Behavioral adjustments in the way managers manage and the way employees and managers interact can yield significant results. 

A comprehensive training strategy addresses the needs of every stakeholder within the organization, providing them with the opportunity to develop the skills and knowledge required to effectively leverage the new system ortechnology.

Communicate the why, what, and how of the change impacts the organization.