Compliance, Books & Records and Holds

Financial Database Services recently hosted a CAESAR Focus Group with clients around the theme of Compliance where we discussed Books & Records, Hold Recommendations and Compliance Reporting.

One of the items discussed in detail was the need for enhanced tracking of changes made to investment objectives, above and beyond CAESAR’s compliancecurrent data tracking for Books & Records. The common need was for Back Office staff to define what the client’s objective was at the time of the trade for regulatory audits.

FDS has had several internal conversations around this need, and has added a new task to our 2013 product development funnel. At a high level, this new feature will link the client’s investment objective to a trade as it is loaded into CAESAR, manually or from a file. More information will be provided as we finish the Design Document and make it available to you for retrofit.

Another item that came up in the webinar was Hold Recommendations. CAESAR currently has a “Note” features at the Rep, Branch and Trade level. Based upon our discussion, we determined that adding Notes at the client level would be a good place to document Hold Recommendations, as well as other free form notes on an account. This idea has been submitted to our 2013 product funnel, and is in development.